Music Recommendation: Pet Symmetry’s Pets Hounds

Music Recommendation: Pet Symmetry’s Pets Hounds

Pets Hounds, the debut full-length from power-pop outfit Pet Symmetry, has once again proven Evan Weiss’ worth as the poster child of the emo revival. The witty album title and artwork sets the mood for a cleverly crafted batch of lyrics and intricately layered instrumentals. Its easy to notice that the pacing of the this record is quick, finishing at around 25 minutes, but that fast pace of play only adds to its overall lively nature.

Compared to some of Weiss’ other projects (Into It. Over It., Stay Ahead of the Weather), there is a much poppier vibe to this record. The music and lyrics are much lighter than his last full-length release, Intersections, and songs like “Give Thanks” and “Class Action Force” harken back to a 1990’s alt-rock feeling.

Erik Czaja (Dowsing, Kittyhawk) and Marcus Nuccio (Mountains For Clouds) compliment the record with their sappy but upbeat style of playing. Their efforts, mixed with Weiss’ unique vocal and lyrical style, gives you a power-pop trio that manages to sneak their emo roots into some catchy, feel-good songs. Some tracks do fall a bit short and left me wanting more on my first listen; however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing Weiss as a very capable and unique songwriter, it would be more surprising if those abrupt endings weren’t intentional.

If you like Into It. Over It., Dowsing, or Pet Symmetry’s first release, Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles, then definitely check this out because going to be a great album to crank with the windows down as we make our way into summer. I suggest listening to “My Exhausted Month (Of May)” and “Salad Daze (Seeing’ Cred)” if you want a good feel for what this record is all about.

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