Hats For Fall

Hats For Fall

Thanks to a nosey dog who has an affinity for chewing holes in my favorite hats, I’m in the market for a fresh lid. I thought I could take this opportunity to share some of the options I’ve been thinking about as replacements for my newly broken in Brewers On Field Alternate fitted (RIP). Check out some of these below if you need a new hat for your collection:

Toronto Blue Jays “MLB Cooperstown” Fitted: Thankfully the Blue Jays have finally went back to the logo we all know and love. I like this hat because it has a retro feel with the white front panel and the logo really pops.



New York Mets “Diamond Era” On Field Fitted: With all of the technology put into this hat, what makes it stand out to me the most is its breathability factor. If you want a hat that looks good and keeps your head cool in the process then check this one out. It comes in a variety of teams and color choices, but this one just looks dope.


Brixton “Rival” Snapback: Sometimes you can just tell a great hat by looking at it. The simplistic design, minimalist color palette, and retro logo give this hat an everyday use feel. Plus, Brixton’s reputation for making a solid hat has been well established by now.



Anaheim Ducks Purple Wool Solid Snapback: The logo pretty much says it all for this one. If you grew up in the 90’s then this should be a must-have for your collection. Make Coach Bombay proud and rep with this guy.

Chicago Bulls Knit Visor Snapback: Besides being a Bulls hat, I really dig the knit pattern on the brim. The over-sized logo on the front panel also stands out, letting everyone know who you’re repping. This is another one that comes in a bunch of different teams and also has a reverse version where the knit pattern is on the panels.

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