Podcast Recommendation: Noise Creators

Podcast Recommendation: Noise Creators

Podcasts have become a large chunk of my media intake recently. In the last two years I have latched onto a few favorites, while continuously searching for new shows to keep me going while I’m moving through my daily routine.

One of my new favorites is Noise Creators, a show that provides in depth discussion with some of the most prominent music producers in our scene. It is a small piece of a much larger cooperative that aims to bridge the gap between musicians and industry professionals, and helps emerging artists get the best product within their specific constraints.

Jesse Cannon, one of the core founders and host of the show, has carved out a serious niche with this informal conversational platform. He gives listeners an opportunity to get into the heads of the people who directly influenced some of the most popular albums in the punk community. While there is a very technical aspect to the podcast, discussing things like software and hardware, Cannon does an excellent job of making the conversation relatable to a wide array of listeners.

One of the most interesting aspects is hearing the guests talk about their transition from music enthusiasts to music professionals. It gives younger listeners perspective on what it takes to develop a passion into a career, while also giving helpful tips for education and development.

Cannon helps give a voice to the producers who are rarely heard, but are often the driving forces in the studio. They get a chance to offer excellent behind the scenes perspectives on making music, and how they take these songs from raw material to a finished product. One of my favorite episodes featuring producer Seth Henderson gave me the chance to dive into the production of Knuckle Puck’s debut record, Copacetic. So far, the podcast has developed an impressive and consistent arsenal of shows like this, offering a little something for everyone.

As we strive to make this music community more interwoven and supportive, it is media like Noise Creators that helps bring us closer to our goal. In the past I’ve mentioned how important it is to help create new opportunities that were not available to us growing up in the scene. By giving people the necessary tools to push forward into this industry, we are helping to develop the next generation of music professionals.

Below are my recommended episodes if you’re just starting out, but explore their library and be sure to visit their website and recommend it to anyone looking to record music in the future.

– TL

Episode 006: Alan Douches (Brand New, Converge)

Episode 009: Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck)

Episode 010: Anton DeLost (Into It. Over It., Seaway)

Episode 013: Pat Noon (Brick+Mortar, The Front Bottoms, River City Extension)

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