The Pop Punk Playlist

The Pop Punk Playlist

Pop Punk has  played a major role in my life and is one of the driving forces of Punks & Recs. It helped open my mind and ears to a whole new world of music. Over the last 12 years I have seen the genre evolve, split, and change through so many different iterations, for better and for worse; but, I haven’t abandoned it yet. I still unabashedly love all of the spine-tingling goodness I get when I listen to this kind of music.

This extensive list of songs encompasses my entire pop punk timeline to date. All of these songs and bands helped me through bad times and made the good times that much better. I hope that when you listen to them you will remember all of the nostalgia and memories that are attached. We want to hear about some of your favorite pop punk songs so leave something for us in the comments section below!

Click here to find the full playlist on Spotify.

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