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Welcome to Punks & Recs; a music, entertainment, and culture blog dedicated to spreading the word and creating an open dialogue about anything and everything we are passionate about. Here at the site we strive to frame most of our content in the form of detailed recommendations, and look to answer two very fundamental questions: “What do you love?” and “What do you love about it?” We have no interest in negative content for Punks & Recs, because that’s not what we do here. We’re not out for clicks or exclusivity; we just want an outlet to discuss what inspires us and share that with others.

Punks & Recs is first and foremost a fan-blog. We aim for total transparency in our work, and try to put a little bit of ourselves in everything we publish in hopes that you can relate and share our devotions with us.We are always looking for new contributors and recommendations here at Punks & Recs, so if you have quality content you need a platform for, or just a suggestion of something you think we should check out, feel free to hit us up on Twitter and we’ll see if our tastes align.

In the Internet-age, your favorite artists need buzz to stay alive; let’s create some of that here.